Taysha Martineau

Taysha Martineau (TheyThem/SheHer) is a Two Spirit Indigenous Anarchist from The Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa located in Northern Minnesota


They are a certified Sexual Assault Advocate, MMIW Activist, Land Defender and Water protector in open opposition of the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline and Co-Founder of Gitchigumi Scouts an Indigenous led resistance group that dedicates its time to community support, mutual aid efforts, Indigenous Rights Activism and searching and Patrolling for Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives. Taysha is a single Mother of Four Children, all of whom are enrolled members of the Fond Du Lac Band.





Lago Superior Chippewa, Minnesota

Taysha Martineau (elle/ella) es indígena anarquista de dos espíritus del pueblo originario Fond Du Lac del Lago Superior Chippewa localizado en la región norte de Minnesota. Elle es une defensore certificade de agresión sexual, activista de las mujeres indígenas desaparecidas y asesinadas (MMIW, por sus siglas en inglés), defensore de la tierra y protectore del agua en abierta oposición al oleoducto de la línea 3 en Enbridge. También cofundó el grupo de resistencia Gitchigumi Scouts; liderado por personas indígenas, este grupo dedica su tiempo al apoyo comunitario, esfuerzos de ayuda mutua, el activismo por los derechos indígenas y el patrullaje y búsqueda de mujeres indígenas desaparecidas y asesinadas y sus familiares. Taysha es madre soltera de cuatro niñes, todes los cuales son miembros matriculados de la banda Fond Du Lac.


photo of Tayasha Martineau


Learning Lab: Pathways from the Climate Crisis to Justice and Belonging

with live Spanish translation

Join us for this deep look at the climate crisis and how we can amplify imaginative solutions built not on leaving people behind, but on bringing everyone in. Organizers and strategists will discuss how we co-create structures that strengthen our connection to place, ensure thriving ecological systems and health, equitably distribute power, and value the dignity of all work