Mina Girgis

Mina Girgis is the producer & CEO of the Nile Project, an ethnomusicologist and a serial entrepreneur specialized in building innovative spaces and tools for cross-cultural musical learning.


In 2011, he started the Nile Project – an international nonprofit that promotes the sustainability of the Nile River by curating innovative collaborations among musicians, university students, and professionals. In 2009, Mina founded Zambaleta, a community World Music school based in San Francisco, California. Mina has received awards and fellowships from Wired Magazine, National Arts Strategies, Synergos and Seeds of Peace.

Mina joins the Othering & Belonging Institute as a senior fellow working towards strengthening and scaling up the collaboration between the Nile Project and the Othering & Belonging Institute. The collaboration aims to set up the foundation for deeper engagement of the Nile Project with UC Berkeley and Bay Area communities, and activate new endeavors in the Nile Basin.

http://nileproject.org/ Twitter: @minagirgis

photo of Mina Girgis


Learning Lab: Cultural Strategies for Belonging: Learning from Doing 2019-2021

What is a cultural strategy for belonging? How do we center leadership, voices, storytelling, practices and knowledge of people and communities through cultural power forged through love, resistance, survival and joy?

Designed for: Artists, cultural strategy practitioners, non-profit staff, organizers and funders interested in strengthening cultural strategy in organizing, research, planning or other social change work.