Kevin " Twin " Orange

Kevin " Twin " Orange, is a community gang specialist and peace advocate worker & cofounder of Advocates 4 peace & urban unity a grass root community organization that was formed in the summer of 2008.


Kevin is no stranger to the community as he was born and raised in south-central Los Angeles and a former member of the Hoover Crips Gang. He has now dedicated his life to turning the community he once help destroy to a safe place free of violence.

Kevin felt the need to help others after the death of his Twin brother and cousin who were both killed at a candlelight vigil in February of 2009, Kevin has worked along with his co-workers with the Los Angeles Mayor’s  gang reduction and youth development office, Seattle Seahawks football head coach Pete Carroll  A Better LA, Soledad Enrichment Action, and Law enforcement. Twin, as he's humbly known in the intervention community, has help change the community's view of the 77th division, Southeast and the Westmont area; which has been referred to as "death alley" by the LA times. Twin’s organization aAPUU has brought successful programs to the Community that have resulted in a reduction in violence. He has also received numerous awards and accommodations acknowledging his work in the community, recognizing his commitment to change. All of which he attributes to his faith and belief in God..

Photo of Kevin " Twin " Orange


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