Jayeesha Dutta

Jayeesha Dutta is a Bengali water protecting mermaid and artist born in Mobile, raised in New York, aged in Oakland, who now loves calling New Orleans home.


Jayeesha serves on the national steering committee for the Climate Justice Alliance on behalf of Another Gulf. In the last 20+ years, her job titles have ranged from co-executive director to teaching artist to organizer to facilitator to project manager to research and policy analyst to chief of staff in the fields of education justice, youth organizing, labor organizing, arts advocacy, climate justice, and racial equity, working with a multitude of groups, networks, and alliances across the country. Jayeesha is an avid traveler, home chef, dancing queen, and most of all loves being in (or near) any body of life-giving water. She’s a mermaid at the end of the day, after all.



Another Gulf is Possible/Otro Golfo es posible

Nueva Orleans, Los Ángeles

Jayeesha Dutta es una sirena bengalí protectora del agua, y también es una artista que nació en Mobile, creció en Nueva York, maduró en Oakland y ahora ama llamar a Nueva Orleans su hogar. Jayeesha es parte del comité nacional de gobierno de la Alianza por la Justicia Climática por parte de Otro golfo es posible. Durante los últimos veintitantos años, sus puestos de trabajo han abarcado desde artista docente, pasando por organizadora, facilitadora, gerente de proyecto, investigadora y analista de políticas, hasta jefa de personal en los campos de justicia educativa, organización juvenil, organización de trabajadores, defensa de las artes, justicia climática y equidad racial; y ha trabajado con una multitud de grupos, redes y alianzas a lo largo del país. Jayeesha es una ávida viajera, chef en casa, reina del baile y, sobre todo, ama estar dentro (o cerca) de cualquier cuerpo del agua dadora de vida. Después de todo, ella es una sirena.

photo of Jayeesha Dutta


Learning Lab: Pathways from the Climate Crisis to Justice and Belonging

with live Spanish translation

Join us for this deep look at the climate crisis and how we can amplify imaginative solutions built not on leaving people behind, but on bringing everyone in. Organizers and strategists will discuss how we co-create structures that strengthen our connection to place, ensure thriving ecological systems and health, equitably distribute power, and value the dignity of all work