Giovanna Fischer

Giovanna Fischer is an educator, curriculum designer, and cultural practitioner based in Los Angeles.


Her work uses teaching and learning to collaboratively design solutions to social problems that hinder inclusive cultural production. She is interested in learning experiences that prompt people to listen, imagine and inquire. Her work encompasses 12 years of experience working with cultural institutions, community organizations, creative agencies, and within schools as both a teacher and dean. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education from Brooklyn College through the New York City Teaching Fellows program.

photo of Giovanna Fischer


Learning Lab: Cultural Strategies for Belonging: Learning from Doing 2019-2021

What is a cultural strategy for belonging? How do we center leadership, voices, storytelling, practices and knowledge of people and communities through cultural power forged through love, resistance, survival and joy?

Designed for: Artists, cultural strategy practitioners, non-profit staff, organizers and funders interested in strengthening cultural strategy in organizing, research, planning or other social change work.