Fees and Policies


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Bridgebuilder: $700
You are an organization or individual who wants to spread belonging to as many people as possible by supporting those who are not able to afford the full conference registration fee.  This registration level will support yourself and others to attend the Othering & Belonging Conference.

Pay It Forward, Foundations and Businesses: $350
You work for a foundation or business that has a budget for conferences or are an individual with the means to cover the actual per person cost of the conference plus a contribution for others to attend the conference.   

Sustainer: $175
You work for a larger non-profit, government, educational institution, or NGO and your organization is paying for the cost of your registration. By registering at this level, you are paying the actual per person cost to attend the Othering & Belonging conference.  

Community: $50
This subsidized registration option is for UCB students, UC staff and faculty, employees and groups from smaller nonprofit organizations, or individuals who cannot afford to cover the unsubsidized registration option.  

Upswell + Othering & Belonging
If you will also be attending the Upswell conference from Oct 20-22, go here to register on their site for a discounted rate to attend both conferences.

Group Registration
If you are paying for multiple members of a group, you can do this via the registration site and the first person registered in the group will be charged. If members of the group are paying individually (for example, with different credit cards), you must create separate registrations for each.  

Group Registration Discount
Groups should register under the ‘Sustainer’ registration option for your group. If your organization does not have a budget for this rate, you can register your group under the ‘Individual’ registration option.

We are committed to full access for anyone who wants to participate. Go here to fill out your scholarship application. There is no fee to apply. However, if your application is accepted, there will be a $10 non-refundable processing fee that must be paid at the time of your acceptance of an awarded scholarship. We will waive the $10 fee for a limited number of applicants including all registrants from the Global South. If you are unable to attend the conference after receiving a scholarship, please let us know so we can offer the scholarship to the next recipient in line. Scholarships will be reviewed on a rolling basis!

Upswell and Othering & Belonging Conference Joint Ticket: $207
Full access to two experiences: the virtual Othering and Belonging Institute (OBI) conference (Oct. 18-19) and the virtual 2021 Upswell Summit (October 20-22). Go here to purchase your ticket and learn more about Upswell: https://www.upswell.org/summit#register

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the conference at any level, please contact Puanani Forbes.

Sponsorship Package


The online registration system is set up to accept major credit cards. Credit card payments are the only payment method for this conference with the exception of those mentioned below. There will be a bundled 7% fee added at check out on the payment page to cover credit card fees, registration site fees and any other fees. 

If you are an organization that needs to pay by purchase order or need an invoice in order to initiate payment, please use the Invoice payment option (not Credit Card). Your registration will be complete upon receipt of payment at our offices. There will be a bundled 5% fee added at check out on the payment page to cover registration site fees and other associated fees. 

If you are a campus group in the UC system and are paying by campus funds, please use the Invoice payment option and send the invoice to Puanani Forbes who can forward you a chartstring to make payment to.


Refund Policy
The deadline for participants to cancel their registration from the 2021 Othering & Belonging Conference are as follows:

  • Cancel by 8/31/2021: full refund (minus the 7% fee)
  • Cancel up to 9/30/2021: 50% of the costs refunded
  • Cancel from 10/01/2021 onward: no refund

There are no refunds for the in-person Belonging Oakland Hub.  Cancellation or reduction in numbers at the Oakland Hub may occur due to changes in covid protocol or if there is a need to bring the event indoors due to the presence of smoke from wildfires.

If you pay via credit card, you will receive a refund back to your credit card through the Aventri payment portal. The 7% fee paid at check out will not be refunded.

Please contact Evan Yoshimoto to request a refund for the 2021 Othering & Belonging Conference.

Cancellation Policy
We are not anticipating the cancellation of the program, but UC Berkeley reserves the right to cancel the 2021 Othering & Belonging Conference in the event of any of the following:

  • extenuating circumstances (e.g. natural disasters, acts of terror, campus closure)
  • power outage/technical difficulties,
  • or cybersecurity breaches (i.e. issues related to hacking)

Additionally, please keep in mind that the exact speaker lineup may change at any time, and that the schedule may need to shift somewhat.

In the case of such a cancellation, we will follow the refund policy outlined above.

Substitution Policy
Registrants who are unable to attend may give their registration to someone else. Please contact Evan Yoshimoto with your substitution request. 


This conference will feature American Sign Language (ASL), live closed captioning in English, and Spanish audio interpretation. Following each session, transcripts in English and Spanish will be available upon request. Videos from the conference will have the option of English or Spanish captions. 

If you require any additional accommodation or service or if you are experiencing any accessibility issues with the registration site, please email Evan Yoshimoto with your request. We kindly request advance notice if you have access needs.


The fast-moving spread of the Delta variant has led us to change course and elect to not bring people together in-person in October. Instead, we will redouble our efforts to make our online virtual Conference as engaging as possible.  We will plan an in-person gathering to (re)connect when we can do so with less concern, fewer risks, and more certainty.


If you have any questions about registration, refund policy, accessibility, or any of the above, please email Evan Yoshimoto.