Alphabet Rockers

Alphabet Rockers make music that makes change. Led by Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Soulati Shepherd.


They create brave spaces to shape a more equitable world through hip hop, as two-time GRAMMY nominees, Othering & Belonging Institute Fellows and industry leaders for change. They work in partnership with communities to create media that reflects the culture of belonging needed in the world. In the OBI Fellowship, they have been writing songs centered in transformative justice with the four middle school artists of Alphabet Rockers. Reaching over 3 million families since 2007, Alphabet Rockers inspire American kids and families to stand up to hate and be their brave and beautiful selves. 

Breakout Session: Kaitlin, Samara, and Roza

Learning Lab: Kaitlin and Roza



La banda Alphabet Rockers crea música que crea un cambio. Liderados por Kaitlin McGaw y Tommy Soulati Shepherd, establecen espacios de valentía para dar forma a un mundo más equitativo a través del hiphop. Estos líderes de la industria musical en busca de cambio han sido nominados en dos ocasiones para un premio Grammy y son socios del Othering & Belonging Institute. Trabajan junto con comunidades para crear contenido que refleja la cultura de pertenencia que el mundo necesita. En su asociación con el OBI, han estado escribiendo canciones enfocadas en la justicia transformativa con los cuatro artistas de escuela media de Alphabet Rockers. Esta agrupación ha llegado a más de 3 millones de familias desde el 2007 e inspira a los niños estadounidenses y a sus familias a enfrentarse al odio y a ser todo lo valientes y hermosos que son.


photo of Alphabet Rockers


The Work: We Take Care of Us (A session on bridging with music by the Alphabet Rockers)
Alphabet Rockers (2020 OBI Artist-in-Residence) reveal how their songwriting process relies on inquiry into the human experience to effect cultural change. This anti-racist work centers children and families, listening to the questions they hold and developing musical responses. The process and products are intergenerational spaces for envisioning, finding joy and building cultural infrastructures of care and understanding.
Learning Lab: Cultural Strategies for Belonging: Learning from Doing 2019-2021

What is a cultural strategy for belonging? How do we center leadership, voices, storytelling, practices and knowledge of people and communities through cultural power forged through love, resistance, survival and joy?

Designed for: Artists, cultural strategy practitioners, non-profit staff, organizers and funders interested in strengthening cultural strategy in organizing, research, planning or other social change work.