Akaya Windwood

Akaya Windwood is on faculty for the Just Economy Institute, and is founder of the New Universal, which centers human wisdom in the wisdom of brown womxn


Akaya Windwood facilitates transformation. She advises, trains, and consults on how change happens individually, organizationally, and societally. . She was President of Rockwood Leadership Institute for many years, and directs the Growing Roots Fund, which supports young womxn’s finance and philanthropic learning and leadership based in generosity and interconnectedness.

Akaya received the 2020 Vision Award from Middlebury College, was one of Conscious Company’s 30 World Changing Women of 2018, and has been a featured speaker at the Stanford Social Innovation Institute, the Aspen Institute, and the New Zealand Philanthropy Summit conferences. She is an Ella Award recipient from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and served on the Alameda County Human Rights Commission. Akaya is deeply committed to working for a fair and equitable global society while infusing a sense of purpose, delight, and wonder into everything we do. She lives in Oakland, CA where she reads science fiction, makes sauerkraut, and relishes growing enormous squashes in her garden.

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Akaya Windwood facilita la transformación. Ella asesora, capacita y da consultas sobre cómo se produce el cambio a nivel individual, organizativo y social. Es profesora del Just Economy Institute y fundadora del New Universal, que centra la sabiduría humana en la sabiduría de las mujeres de piel oscura. Fue presidenta del Rockwood Leadership Institute durante muchos años y dirige el Growing Roots Fund, que apoya el aprendizaje y el liderazgo financiero y filantrópico de las mujeres jóvenes basándose en la generosidad y la interconexión.
Akaya recibió el premio Vision del Middlebury College en el 2020, formó parte de las 30 mujeres que cambian el mundo en la cumbre de Conscious Company Media en el 2018 y ha sido una conferencista principal en el Stanford Social Innovation Institute, el Aspen Institute y el congreso New Zealand Philanthropy Summit. Recibió el premio Ella del Ella Baker Center for Human Rights y formó parte de la Alameda County Human Rights Commission. Akaya está profundamente comprometida a trabajar por una sociedad global imparcial y equitativa a la vez que infunde propósito, deleite y maravilla a todo lo que hacemos. Vive en Oakland, California, donde lee ciencia ficción, hace chucrut y disfruta cultivando enormes calabazas en su jardín.

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Keynote Panel - The Risk & Possibility of Bridging
Even short bridges can feel risky in this moment of polarization, political purity, and physical and emotional estrangement. In this panel, we will hear leading activists and culturemakers reflect on john powell and Judith Butler's opening provocation to build risky bridges across lines of difference, even when facing pushback or ostracization from our own "side." Join Akaya Windwood moderating an emergent conversation with leading thinkers and culturemakers to discuss how and why taking risks and building bridges are important and necessary for the success of our social movements.