2019 Conference Sponsors

We are so grateful to the organizations and companies below who are making the Othering and Belonging conference possible and helping to elevate and amplify the larger Othering and Belonging platform.

If your organization iks interested in supporting the 2019 event or other upcoming events related to Othering & Belonging, please email the Haas Institute Chief of Staff Puanani Forbes.

Bridge Builder

Movement Connector

Engagement Advocate

Public Space Champion

We invite you to partner with the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society to bring the 2019 Othering & Belonging Conference, a dynamic and uniquely curated event with an expected audience of up to 1,500 attendees. We are deeply grateful to our 2019 Othering & Belonging sponsors (see below) who are helping to support this global network of diverse groups rooted in a common desire for advancing a fair and inclusive society.


Supporting the Othering & Belonging Conference has numerous benefits, including establishing your organization as a leader in this cutting-edge, research-based analysis of social and racial justice. Your support of Othering & Belonging will educate your staff and networks on emerging trends and research-backed ideas that shift the way we approach our work in our efforts to build a justice, equitable society. These events help define and elevate the applicability of othering and belonging to a wide range of sectors, levels of work, and geographies.


We are expecting a diverse range of attendees including researchers, activists, students, grantmakers, labor, community advocates, and policymakers. Over 2,500 participants from our first two conferences have come from local and national movement spaces, peer research groups, government, philanthropy, the arts, students, faith communities, and high schools. Some of these are from our long-term, working relationships, while for many, the conference initiates their engagement with the othering and belonging work more broadly.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship levels include Bridge Builder, Movement Connector, Engagement Advocate, and Public Space Champion. Custom sponsorship is also available for coffee breaks, breakfasts, lunch, art and cultural offerings. For information related to sponsorship, please email Haas Institute Chief of Staff Puanani Forbes.

For more information related to sponsorship, please email Puanani Forbes.