Sonia Katyal

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Professor Sonia Katyal is the Chancellor's Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and the Co-Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. Professor Katyal is the Distinguished Chair of the Haas Institute's LGBTQ Citizenship Research Cluster. Her scholarly work focuses on the intersection of technology, intellectual property, and civil rights (including antidiscrimination, privacy, and freedom of speech).

Her past projects have studied the relationship between informational privacy and copyright enforcement, the impact of advertising and trademarks on freedom of expression, and the intersection between technology and gender. Katyal also works on issues relating to art and cultural property, focusing on new technologies and the role of museums in the United States and abroad. Her current projects focus on the intersection between internet access and civil/human rights, with a special emphasis on the right to information; algorithmic transparency and discrimination; source code and the impact of trade secrecy; and a variety of projects on the intersection between gender and the commons. 

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