Social Media Spotlight: Tweets from the Conference

April 24:

National Equity Proj ‏@equityproject  Apr 24
Society is structured to keep people apart... We are inextricably bound, we are deeply connected. -@ShaktiButler #obconf2015

Andrea Garcia-Vargas ‏@AGVwrites  Apr 24
Only 15 minutes into this conference and I'm feeling so much community. So many POC in the house! #obconf2015

Quixote Foundation ‏@QuixoteTilts  Apr 24
Andrew_Solomon: As we need biological diversity to keep the planet going, we need diversity in the structures of love. #obconf2015

Stephanie Llanes ‏@Steph_Llanes  Apr 24
"[When I was shot] I changed from Black man to blind man. I went from the white mans burden to everyone's burden." -Lynn Manning #obconf2015

Regina Acebo ‏@bumpcitykid5  Apr 24
We need structures of love to maintain the human spirit #obconf2015 @akonadi_oakland

April 25:

Bonnie Cherry ‏@mlle_cherry  Apr 25
"Who am I holding up today? Who am I singing for today?" #obconf2015 Melanie DeMore

SocialJusticeFlower ‏@anthoknees  Apr 25
"It's only recently bag Blacks and Latinos get to live to the end of the movie. It's about how we tell the story." john a powell #obconf2015

Rajkumari Neogy ‏@rneogy  Apr 25
"There is a sense of immutability with implicit bias." Rudy Mendoza-Denton #OtheringandBelonging #obconf2015

Aysha ‏@ayshbot  Apr 25
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton: "Our top-down categories influence judgments from the bottom up." #ImplicitBias CAN & must be overcome. #obconf2015

Sybil Lewis ‏@SybilMLewis  Apr 25View translation
"La esperanza no es algo que tienes, es algo que haces" Joanna Macy #obconf2015 @HaasInstitute

José De Jesús Valle ‏@Josewilldestroy  Apr 25
I'm raising questions, that is the job of a critical artist- Guillermo Gomez-Peña #obconf2015

April 26:

Brenda Salgado ‏@BrendaSalgado33  Apr 26
We all hold possibility violence, oppression within us. We cannot have belonging without accountability to one other. @bellhooks #obconf2015

Maritssa ‏@ConsciousRhyme  Apr 26
In context of religion, religious figures crossed boundaries as immigrants. Immigration brings ease, not walls. - @HatemBazian #obconf2015

Brad A Schenck ‏@BradASchenck  Apr 26
People are living in the community but they are not IN the community. As in not truly engaged. @6Gems #obconf2015 #OtheringandBelonging

Nancy Nguyen ‏@nnguyen41  Apr 26
Deep multiracial solidarity is created when diff. groups are fighting together,in the streets,organizing together -> belonging! #obconf2015

Yolanda Hippensteele ‏@yesyolanda  Apr 26
Powell: we need to work boldly & lovingly on ourselves, on interpersonal relationships and on policies & structures 4 belonging #obconf2015

Allyson Putt ‏@AllysonPutt  Apr 26
"Act as though the other is in the room" - Manuel Pastor at the #obconf2015 #diversity #belonging