Sunday, April 30

Oakland Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

1:00 PM
Registration Opens
Grand Foyer

2:00 PM
Guided Meditation
with Amana Brembry Johnson
Room 202

1:30-3:00 pm
Interactive Art Installments

  • Rolling Counterpoint: A Community Conversation Project
    Atrium of Oakland Marriott City Center
    Join artist Taro Hattori and share tea and conversation in his mobile teahouse, part of the Rolling Counterpoint exhibit. Conceived as a space designed to foster public dialogue and exchange about division and belonging in contemporary society, Rolling Counterpoint consists of two physical structures: one stationary space installed outdoors at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California and one mobile teahouse that traveling to destinations throughout the Bay Area in 2017. Hattori invites visitors to add their voices to a growing collection of perspectives addressing such wide-ranging issues and social concerns as immigration, social exclusion, gentrification, homelessness, and income inequality. The artist seeks to use his roving teahouse as a means of connecting and bridging diverse and often disconnected communities, bringing them together around this shared conversation. In a special collaboration with the Othering & Belonging Conference, Hattori will be bringing Rolling Counterpoint to the conference for 2.5 days. Come participate and engage with artist Taro Hittori and his Rolling Counterpoint exhibit starting April 30 at 2:30 pm in the Atrium of the Oakland Marriott.
  • Frames for Life, Liberation, and Belonging: Artist Evan Bissell is producing a custom, interactive installation for the Othering & Belonging Conference that highlights narrative frames employed by visionary activists, thinkers, writers, and other storytellers across place and time. Join Evan in the Grand Foyer starting Sunday to add to the evolving wall installation; an archive of stories, actions and ideas for life, liberation and belonging. The final work will be catalogued and represented digitally.  

3:00 pm
Conference Program Begins

3:00 - 6:00 pm
Main stage with:

3:00 PM: Excerpts from "Illuminate" by Destiny Arts Junior Company

3:15 PM: Conference Opening by Shakti Butler, emcee

3:30 PM: Welcome by john a. powell

3:45 PM: Art as Transformation: A Lens for Social Change
La Toya Ruby Frazier, Visual Artist, Macarthur and TED Fellow

Each day, we’re bombarded by images: on billboards, on screens, in schools and in our bedrooms. And these images, largely corporate in origin, carry power—power to shape, control, and constrain—even when they offer a fantasy, or an outright lie.

That’s why, as LaToya Ruby Frazier argues, photography is a battleground of representation. We cannot control the material circumstances of our birth, our families or our economic circumstances. But in order to change society—to seed real change and cultural transformation, especially for the marginalized and the forgotten—we must change the picture we have of ourselves and our communities.

In this talk, Frazier discusses how she has used photography to fight injustice—poverty, healthcare and gender inequality, environmental contamination, racism, and more—and create a more representative self-portrait.

Drawing from her book The Notion of Family as well as from works of art by Frederick Douglass, August Sander, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Langston Hughes, she relates her conscious approach to photography, opens up more authentic ways to talk about family, inheritance, and place, and celebrates the inspirational, transformative power of images.

4:15 PM: Beyond Empathy: Arts, Culture, and Imagination
Jeff Chang, Institute for Diversity in the Arts at Stanford, author and scholar on culture and hip hop

Racial crisis recurs in each U.S. generation. Even as the nation undergoes dramatic demographic change, we seem unable to extricate ourselves from the cycle that leads us back toward another crisis. The culture wars have become a permanent feature of our political landscape. How do the culture wars reproduce and exploit inequity and resegregation? What role can the arts and artists play in moving us out of the crisis cycle? How do we begin to imagine our way into transformative justice and freedom for all?  

4:45 PM: Theatre of Be Longing
Tarell Alvin McCraney, Oscar-winning playwright, chair of Yale’s playwriting program

What do the classics teach us about our humanity? What do we today have to teach the classics? The young people born today, those turning 15 yesterday, statistics say have never seen a live performance. Even fewer have seen a live performance in the theater or a play. And fewer have seen a play that reflected the life they currently live .

How do we create theatre as cultural belonging? How do we create a space where young audiences feel as though they can Be? And what is the type of theater we are Longing for?

5:15 PM: Q&A

6:00 PM
Reception & Book Signing 
Reception featuring East Bay Center of the Arts, Richmond Jazz Collective
Book signing by LaToya Ruby Frazier & Jeff Chang

7:15 - 8:30 PM
A Public Dialogue on Inclusive and Sustainable Development
Jeffrey Sachs, john powell and Kumi Naidoo
Community tickets for this dialogue are available by clicking here. 

Following a presentation by Professor Sachs, he will be joined in a public dialogue with john a. powell, Director of UC Berkeley's Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and Kumi Naidoo, formerly Executive Director of Greenpeace International and now with AfricansRising. Naidoo is in town from South Africa to speak at the Othering & Belonging Conference. Opening remarks will be made by Hilary Hoynes, Professor of Public Policy and Economics and holder of the Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities. Sachs will do a book-signing following the event. His most recent book is Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable.

8:30 PM
Book signing by Jeffrey Sachs