The Othering & Belonging Conference is organized by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.


The Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley brings together researchers, community stakeholders, policymakers, and communicators to identify and challenge the barriers to an inclusive, just, and sustainable society in order to create transformative change. 

As part of the UC Berkeley Initiative for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity funded by the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund in 2010, the Haas Institute draws upon Berkeley’s history of excellence in multidisciplinary research and engaged scholarship. Organized into seven research clusters, the Institute involves almost 100 researchers across UC Berkeley. 

The Haas Institute serves as a national hub of a vibrant network of researchers and partners advancing research and policy related to marginalized communities, while essentially touching all who benefit from a truly diverse, fair, and inclusive society.


Advance Multidisciplinary Research and Policy Analysis

The Haas Institute examines the structural and cultural impediments to opportunity that limit full equity and inclusion and the benefits derived from a diverse and equitable society. The Institute addresses complex and intertwined issues holistically, cultivating research contributions within each cluster and collaboration across clusters. 

Build Relationships Among Researchers, Organized Stakeholders, and Policymakers to Effect Change

Using an innovative model unique in higher education, the Haas Institute aligns research with community organizers, policymakers, and other stakeholders, developing the necessary leverage to increase their effectiveness at multiple levels.

Employ Strategic Communications to Illuminate Research and Impact Policy

The Haas Institute seeks to effectively communicate research as well as to help shape how research is framed. To be successful, we must engage the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, which is less empirical, less fact-driven, highly social, and more animated by stories, values, and metaphors. The Haas Institute seeks to craft an effective “meta-narrative” that engages people on multiple levels and resonates across many issues, circumstances, and communities. This communications work goes beyond mere messaging to engage in a battle of big ideas. It also takes command of how a debate, such as the entire concept of public space or austerity, is framed in public discourse in order to construct new narratives.

Make a Difference

A significant amount of the Haas Institute’s resources are devoted to a few “game changers”—issues that if won or lost will have a profound impact on society. The Institute aims to change the very nature of interdisciplinary research, breaking down barriers that keep researchers in silos, contributing to a cultural shift in the academy, and affirmatively working to create synergy toward new insights and possibilities. The Haas Institute model allows us to work not only in a different way, but also at a different scale — countering a lack of capacity that has made many of our most important efforts seem intractable.


Haas Institute for a Fair & Inclusive Society
UC Berkeley
460 Stephens Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2330


Conference Organizing Committee


john a. powell
Director, Haas Institute
Professor of Law, African American, and Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley

Michael Omi
Associate Director, Haas Institute and Associate
Professor of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley



Olivia E. Araiza
UC Berkeley

Kenny Ausubel

Sonali Sangeeta Balajee 
Multnomah County
Office of Diversity & Equity

Nadia Barhoum
UC Berkeley

Karen Bouris
Media Producer

Connie Cagampang Heller
Project Linked Fate

Rachelle Galloway-Popotas
UC Berkeley

Andrew Grant-Thomas
Proteus Fund

Liz Halimah
 UC Berkeley

Gerald Lenoir
Lenoir & Associates

Stephen Menendian
UC Berkeley

Julie Nelson
Government Alliance
on Race & Equity

Rachel Parsons
UC Berkeley

Victoria Robinson
UC Berkeley

Danielle Wiskerson
 UC Berkeley



Darren Arquero
Priyal Bhatt
Fanna Gamal
James Huynh
Patricia Linares
Stephanie Llanes