Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

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Marie Kyoko Morohoshi brings over 40 years of Japanese zen buddhist based practices to her reiki table and meditation cushion.  a daughter of immigrants, Marie is a nisei (second generation Japanese American) queer activist and reiki master & teacher. she is the founder of starnation reiki and received her level 1 & 2 reiki trainings in Geneva, Switzerland and later received her master reiki training in San Francisco. her formative years were steeped in rigorous training in chado ("the way of tea" in the urasenke tradition) and ikebana (aka "kado" or "the way of flowers") from the age of six till she was twenty one when she moved to San Francisco, where she still currently lives and has an healing arts practice. Marie also has a private reiki practice in downtown Oakland where she holds a popular monthly "sound healing, acupuncture and meditation" gathering for mostly QTPOC folx. she is also a core member of the Oakland-based HEALING CLINIC COLLECTIVE ("HCC") which believes in restoring reverence and relationship to the ancestral forms of healing and wellness that comes from cultivating a sacred relationship with the Earth and for over a decade has served as the main fire keeper for her two-spirit ceremonial community.

Marie kyoto morohoshi at o&b