Jennifer Martinez


Jennifer Martinez is the Chief Strategy Officer for PICO California, the largest faith-based community organizing network in California. PICO CA supports the development and action of grassroots leadership to advocate for racial and economic justice. Jennifer has been an organizer since 2001 where her work has focused on housing justice, immigrant rights, restorative justice and quality education. Today, Jennifer and her team work with dozens of organizations and hundreds of organizers across California to develop long-term strategies that tackle the systemic drivers of racial and economic inequality, including the criminalization of people of color and wealth accumulation into the hands of the few. Before joining PICO California, Jennifer was the Executive Director of a local PICO chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she helped lead a community benefits campaign around Facebook and several campaigns for affordable housing and tenant rights. Jennifer has a BA from Stanford University and an MA and PhD from the University of Nottingham, England. Her graduate research focused on social movement strategies in the struggle for housing and land rights in Venezuela and South Africa, and in 2011, her PhD won the British International Studies Association thesis of the year award. Born into a Mexican-Irish family in Southern California, Jennifer now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

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