Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Othering & Belonging Conference?

The Othering & Belonging Conference is a unique collaborative space that brings together researchers, advocates, students, artists, youth leaders, faith leaders, policymakers, grantmakers, and interested community partners to examine the issue of othering and belonging.

What are the goals of the conference?

Our organizing committee has developed the following goals for our 2019 conference:

  • Participants walk away with models, tools, and strategies for concretizing and operationalizing belonging  

  • Participants explore the concepts of bridging and breaking and learn to apply strategies that expand the circle of human concern and create shared, empathetic identities

  • Participants expand their “we” through engaging with ideas and models that affirmatively advance belonging

  • Participants make clear connections and comparisons between local and global realities in order to build a truly international movement of belonging

Take a look here for more on our particular focus for the 2019 conference.

Who puts on the Othering & Belonging conferences?

The conference is organized by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley. Find out more here.

Is there a conference app?

Yes, the Othering & Belonging Conference app will be made available to registered attendees a few weeks before the conference.

What is the conference schedule/agenda?

Check our Agenda page for the most updated agenda.

Are there special hotel/lodging rates for conference attendees?

Check our Location page for all information related to lodging.

Please note: As of March 1, 2019 the Oakland Marriott special discounted rate for conference attendees is sold out. Check here for a list of additional lodging options.

Do you have scholarships?

200 scholarships have been fully awarded. Any applications received after today’s date will be put on a waiting list. Apply here.

There is no fee to apply for a scholarship. However, if your application is accepted, there is a $25 processing fee that must be paid within 30 days of your receiving notice of your awarded scholarship, as a show of good faith. If you do not accept the scholarship by paying the fee within 30 days, the scholarship may be made available to the next applicant.

Can I volunteer at the conference?

We do not have any volunteer positions open for the conference due to being able to tap into our many student volunteer resources at UC Berkeley.

Will there be meals at the conference?

A continental breakfast will be provided April 9 and 10, and a boxed lunch will be available on April 10. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available. There is also a reception on Tuesday afternoon before our closing panel.


What are the conference dates and where is it held?

The conference will be held in Oakland, California on April 8-10, 2019 at the Oakland Marriott City Center.

Who should attend Othering & Belonging?

Othering & Belonging is for all people interested in advancing a society where all belong.

What are the organizing principles of the conference?

The ethos of the Othering & Belonging conference is rooted in the core values and principles of a new social compact, including the following:

We have a fundamental belief that we are linked by our common humanity, that we are bound together in our work to secure a fair and inclusive democracy, and that we are united in our commitment to care for each other and the earth.

We will not allow the normalization of hate, exclusion, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia in our society. These forces betray our values and if remain unchecked will overwhelmingly harm all people, our living planet, our future generations, and democracy itself. 

We recognize that we may have many different strategies for achieving our goals, but we are united by common values that guide our actions. These values are nonpartisan and reflect our grounding in a morality that recognizes the worth of all people.

What is your cancellation policy?

Click here for all information on registration rates and our cancellation policy.

Is there group registration?

Yes. If you are a paying for multiple members of a group, you can do this via the registration page and the first person registered in the group will be charged. If members of the group are paying individually (for example, with different credit cards), you must create separate registrations for each.

The discounted group rate is the ‘Individual’ registration option. Groups should register under this option unless you are part of a UC cohort.

If you are part of a UC cohort of five persons or more, please contact Puanani Forbes for the special UC cohort rate.

Are there day passes?

Because the conference is curated as a holistic experience and set of learnings, we do not offer day passes. Exceptions will be considered due to travel plans or for special cohorts such as school groups. Please Puanani Forbes if you would like to request an exception.

How can I find out about visiting attractions in Oakland and the surrounding area?

Attendees are encouraged to visit the Visit Oakland website, Oakland’s official tourism site, to learn more about the conference city and all it has to offer. While attending the conference, attendees are welcome to visit the concierge desk at the Marriott for recommendations on restaurants and leisure activities.

My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please email for assistance.