Eric Holt-Gimenez

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Eric Holt-Giménez, Ph.D. is the executive director of Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy (July 2006—Present). Called one of the country's “most established food think tanks” by the New York Times, Food First’s mission is to end the injustices that cause hunger, poverty and environmental degradation throughout the world. Food First believes that a world free of hunger is possible if farmers and communities take back control of the food systems presently dominated by transnational agri-foods industries

Eric earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of California –Santa Cruz, and has an MSc. in International Agricultural Development from University of California, Davis. He has taught Development Studies at the University of California in Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and for the Boston University Global Ecology Program, and graduate courses in food justice, food sovereignty and agroecology at the University of the Pacific, Marylhurst University, Antioquia University in Colombia and the International University of Gastronomy in Italy.

At Food First, Eric’s research and writing has concentrated on the global food crisis, agroecology, the U.S. Farm Bill, the expansion of agrofuels, land issues, racism in the food system, and social movements for agroecology, food justice, farm justice, and food sovereignty.  

Eric is the author and editor of several Food First books, including the latest Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It, as well as many academic and magazine articles and blogs.

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