Coffeehouse Conversations

Join us for two sessions of Coffeehouse Conversations at Othering & Belonging 2019!

The Coffeehouse is a highly-interactive public space of robust and critical dialogue designed to engage conference participants in a set of questions and thematics that connect with the overall agenda of Othering & Belonging.

The very first session taking place at Othering & Belonging 2019 will be a 60-minute session of the Coffeehouse—by kicking off the conference in this way, we are placing conference-goers at the heart of the conference conversation and activating the community we will build together over the following 3 days.

The Coffeehouse conversations do not take place in a vacuum, but rather are designed to serve as a temperature check and interactive feedback loop for the conference at large, helping us build community and illuminating places of alignment as well as divergence among our perspectives. The content we delve into at the Coffeehouse will connect with ideas and themes lifted up on the mainstage and in breakout sessions, centralizing the questions "How can we operationalize belonging in our communities as well as in ourselves?" “How can we build a bigger “we” where no human, and no life, is outside the circle of human concern?”

From modern isolation and alienation, to conflict over values and our places of work and employment, to bridging across ideological lines, we’ll dive into deeply authentic, and perhaps even difficult conversations that will serve as a dialogic portal through which to view larger issues explored at the conference.

Both sessions will be led by Abdul-Rehman Malik, an award-winning journalist, scholar, and culturemaker, who will serve as our “Coffeehouse Conductor.” Modeled on Ottoman-era coffeehouses, which always had akahvecibasi , or Convener of the Coffeehouse, AR will be working with a set of coffeehouse table hosts to facilitate discussions at each table with provocations and open the space to the group, allowing space for participants to be both speaker and listener, teacher and student.  

The first Coffeehouse session starts at 12:30 pm on Monday, April 8 and the second session takes place on Tuesday, April 9 during the concurrent breakout sessions.

Grab your registration badge and head over to the Coffeehouse to start your Othering & Belonging 2019 with potent and powerful dialogue that deepens the conference experience by bringing the Othering and Belonging framework into a space of community and connection.