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Will the Future be Feminist? An Inclusive Vision for Belonging

Women’s leadership carries life-affirming capacity to connect, grow, and strengthen our movements. If feminism is central to our collective vision for belonging, how are feminist leaders guiding us to reimagine how we navigate and remake the structural, cultural, and political institutions that shape our lives? Women must not only overcome persistent misogyny, violence, and othering, but differently-situated groups of women struggle with one another to be seen, heard, and trusted. How do we surface and deal with underlying tensions that threaten to fracture and break our efforts, and instead strengthen the work of a fully inclusive feminism that embraces belonging for all people and the earth?

This panel discussion will feature a conversation on what can we learn from feminism, feminist approaches to leadership, and feminist meaning-making that are confronting the stranglehold of patriarchy, white supremacy, and corporate capitalism, and moving us instead towards a politics of bridging and belonging that enables us to live meaningful, regenerative, and fulfilling lives.


Earlier Event: April 9
Later Event: April 10
Continental Breakfast